Our Services

Whether waterproofing a single leak or replacing a roof entirely with a 20 year No Dollar Limit Warranty system, we are attuned to our client's budget constraints and we work with them to balance the twin objectives of cost savings and durability of work. Our specialization provides us with the benefit of having experienced almost every roofing problem out there, and we are known for our ability to stop persistent problems quickly and cost effectively

Roof Decks:
when aesthetics must be combined with the technicalities of waterproofing, Bulado is an expert in the installation of beautiful, aesthetically pleasing decks that are able to withstand the inclemencies of the passage of time and severe weather.

Green Roofs and Blue Roofs:
Bulado General Contractors embaces the green movement and has successfully executed the installation of several green roofs in New York. In addition, we are proud to be working with the Gaia Institute in the installation of a new concept designed to provide roof water runoff control during rainstorms (Blue Roof).

Facade Restoration:
As licensed riggers for more than twenty years, our scaffolds can be found all throughout New York. Our services include Local Law 11 inspections and remediation work, powerwashing, pointing, lintel and brick replacement, caulking, parapet rebuilding, stucco, brownstone, limestone, terra cotta and cast iron ornament repairs.